*** TOP SECRET ***

Prospective Agent,

The information you are about to read is classified. You are not to discuss anything related to this project with anyone under the penalties of perjury, fines, and imprisonment. The non-disclosure agreement that you signed is binding. This is a matter to be taken seriously.

After World War II, it was decided that the United States military needed an advantage in battle. The Lazarus Project was established at Lewiston Army Base in Eastern New Mexico. Funding for the project was acquired through misappropriation of funds and a subsequent coverup. When the body of one of the test subjects was accidentally sent back to his family, pressure was put on Washington to shut the project down and to eradicate any proof that it ever existed.

Fleeing for his life, one of the project scientists received help from some of our agents that were sent back in time to correct the polluted timeline. Joining the scientist, a former Senator who had experienced the failure of the justice system firsthand. When his daughter and wife were brutally murdered by a serial killer that is somehow acquitted of his crimes despite overwhelming evidence, he is desperate for justice to be served.

Born out of necessity and the future's existence being in jeopardy, The Agency was formed on the very island that you are standing, Seneschal Island. The Lazarus Project was divided into two separate projects - The Sentinel Project and the Arbiter Project. The purpose of both is to work collaboratively to get the system back on track.

Should your application be accepted, you will have an important role in securing the future for generations to come. Good luck and hopefully you can soon be welcomed aboard our team.


V. Ulmeck